Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Move Yourself. Move Others.

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"This fall, Dr. Em continues her longstanding tradition of reaching out beyond the pages of her books to create inspiring, memorable, moving events that challenge her listeners to claim their own stories, light the fire of their own imaginations, and reach for their highest aspirations."

"I speak on a wide range of subjects and meet audiences wherever and however they live, work, breathe and dream, yet two ideas are always central: I believe that as individuals, communities and business partners we must continually find ways to connect powerfully and imaginatively to each other… and that we will only inspire those around us when we have charged our own minds, hearts, voices, and our reaching, physical selves, with hope and courage."
—Mylène Dressler

Talks and workshops for Fall 2009/Winter 2010:

“The Art of Inspiration in Challenging Times” (for all audiences)

Join Dr. Em for her new series of lectures and seminars confronting the reality of the times we’re living in now. Learn what fresh steps can be taken to awaken our creative spirits and re-energize our passion for success. An interactive event that invites its listeners to explore memory, story, sense and sound as a means of sparking, within each of us, "a fiery laboratory of inspiration."

“A Dance With Language” (for all audiences)

"I was once a dancer told she should only dance; a professor told she should only teach; a writer and artist told I had no business with business. I listened to none of it. I empowered my own voice and drew on the many powerful stories and voices that danced around me. Now I help others do the same." Join in this series of events that explores the role of language in our lives and shares the intimate tools writers and artists use to move individuals and create vibrant, shared communities. An evening of imaginative narrative performance "wrapped in language that is crystalline in its clarity."
The Denver Post

"Many students and colleagues told me that her event was the best they had ever attended—and this in a highly successful reading series that typically brings six or seven speakers a year. Intensely engaging and intimate… she has flair and a certain glamour, and weaves her reflections in a flowing and organic dialogue with the public. Captivating."
Dr. Shannan Mattiace, Professor, Allegheny College, Pennsylvania

"Extraordinary… She has an innate ability to reach out and challenge you to think from a different place and consider a fresh perspective."
Cynthia Fodell Mott, Marketing Director, The Houston Club; former Director of Marketing and Business Development, RE/MAX of Texas.

"I connected immediately with her, and left feeling energized, motivated and excited. She is a unique and energizing human being… a speaker who possesses grace, clarity, and offers genuine and effective advice."
Lauren Rosen, filmmaker, The Carson McCullers Film Festival, Georgia

For bookings and further information:

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