Friday, March 16, 2012

Six-Word Memoirs

From some of my freshman writers at Guilford College, who this week celebrated the power, mystery and impact of brief language:

Bills unpaid. Memories destroyed. Kick. Push. --Joe Able

Missed Period. Frightened Girl. Waiting Results.  --Kimberly Newton

What a jerk. Who's she?  Broken.  --Haley Andrews

Alone. Music blasting. Clenching the wheel. --Mollie Sewell

Darkness, black.  "PERMISSION."  Brightness, white. --Soobin Park

Time never dies, powerful, powerless . . .   --Issa Abdallah

Dread-head. Honor Student. F**k Stereotypes. --Devin Martin

Rock, air. Look down. Life, death.  --Elliot Freshwater 


  1. Last night, while returning home from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, my wife and I discussed how life has become a series of 10-15 second moments of fun instead of long-lasting pleasures and enjoyments that bring greater happiness. My first glance at these three memoirs reminded me of that conversation.

    Reading deeper, I love the impact that every miniscule sentence gives, creating three distinct events. Haiku in nature -- showing more than each phrase tells.

    Great job, Mollie, Kimberly, and Haley. Thank you, Mylène, for sharing.

  2. Thanks, Eric! Just added at the top: work by Joe Able. I'll be adding students' work as it is submitted.

  3. Just added: work by Soobin Park.

  4. Just added: work by Issa Abdallah.

  5. Just added: work by Devin Martin.

  6. Just added: work by Elliot Freshwater.

  7. Not at all easy to pack so much into so few words. Well done to all. Finely sharpened prose.